LawnMaster 58V Lithium Brushcutter Kit

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Powerful 58V Lithium Battery Brushcutter comes with 4Ah battery, Battery charger, upgraded Fast-Feed Nylon trimmer head & low-drag nylon, 3-point brush cutter blade, Harness and tool accessories.

Also available as "Skin Only" if you already have the battery and charger.

Model: LB050002
Power Input: 58V Lithium
Motor: Brushless
Line Diameter: 2mm up to 2.4mm
Trim Time: Up to 60 minutes*
Feed System: Bump Feed
Machine Weight: 5.2kg
Accessories: 1x 4Ah battery
1x battery charger
Supplied with:

Fast-Feed trimmer head



*trimming conditions will alter the trim time

3 Year Warranty