Bar Blade - Tiger Blade 38" Cut

Bar Blade - Tiger Blade 38" Cut

Bar Blade - Tiger Blade 38" Cut

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Tiger Mulch Blade - Strong and sturdy mulch blade. The tiger 'claws' chop up and spread the grass leaving a tidier finish with less clumping.

Fits MTD models 38" cut. 13-38, 420/38, 655, B100, LT12, LT120, LT13, LT14, LT14A, LT14H, LT15A, LT16A, LT17H, 13452F, 136N472F643, 136N472F679, 136N473F643, 13A1762F670, 13A2756F306, 13A2762F318, 13A2765F, 13A2765F06, 13A2765F306, 13A5451F502, 13A5472F, 13A5472F502, 13AA478F, 13AA478F670, 13AA660F, 13AB652F729, 13AC450F, 13AC662F, 13AC762F, 13AC762F370, 13AC762F670, 13AC76GF390, 13AD78GF319, 13AH451F, 13AH452F500, 13AI762F, 13AI762F670, 13AM004F671, 13AM475F, 13AM475F670, 13AM604F, 13AM604F671, 13AM678F, 13AM678F670, 13AM693F, 13AM693F671, 13AM694F671, 13AM762F, 13AM762F765, 13AM76TF333, 13AM91WF333, 13AN604F, 13AN772G308, 13AP606G, 13AP606H, 13AQ672G607, 13AV11CF395, 13AV11CF695, 13AV93WF333, 13B2765F306, 13BA660F, 13BA660F670, 13BI662F.

Fits Troy Bilt models 13WV77KF066
Fits Yardman 38" cut.
Fits Morrison models G380, 552852, 13A2762F318
Fits Masport models A3800, 552854, 13A2762F318
Fits White 38" cut. 
Fits Massey Ferguson 38" model MF38-15SD.
Fits Rover model Raider 15/38, 420/38, 13A276WF333, 13AM76TF333, 13AM76TF333, 13A879WF333


Centre Hole Diameter Centre to Centre Length Thickness Width
6 Point Star 63mm 21 316" 538mm 3.8mm 76mm


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