New Product - Elephants Trunk Trimmer Harness

GTM Professional Elephants Trunk 2

Save your back, shoulders, neck and arm muscles with the Elephants Trunk 2.  Comfortable and easy to setup, designed to reduce operator fatigue and risk of injury.  Now it's possible to trim hedges for long periods of time without muscle strain, the Elephants Trunk 2 takes the weight off your arms and shoulders leaving you to guide the machine for a perfect trim.

The comfortable harness is worn like a backpack, adjustable to any size.  It's lightweight and reduces the weight of the machine.  A clear unobstructed view enables you to work fast, accurate and safe.

  • Comfortable backpack harness
  • Wide adjustable straps with generous padding
  • Clear unobstructed view
  • 30 degree swivel
  • Nylon ball bearings
  • Lightweight aluminium tube
  • Durable steel retractable cable
  • Takes a weight of up to 8kg
  • Reduces the weight of your machine by up to 3kg

The universal carabiner clips onto the handle of your hedge trimmer (or other garden tool), transferring the weight of the equipment to the retractable steel cable.  The cable moves smoothly along mounted bearings inside the Elephants Trunk tube allowing you to guide the trimmer for a perfect cut.  Because there is less strain on your body, it allows you to work longer, faster and more safely.