Deck Wheel

Deck Wheel

Deck Wheel

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Deck Wheel

Fits MTD models 135N765N678, 136H451D648, 136N472F643,
136N473F643, 136N765N678, 136T675G678, 136T765N678, 13A1762F670,
13A221F100, 13A244G100, 13A288L603, 13A4616H790, 13A5451F502,
13A5472F502, 13A5791G670, 13A7660G352, 13A7660G752, 13A7771G670,
13A8673G009, 13A878WF333, 13AA474E643, 13AA478E678, 13AA478F670,
13AA508D670, 13AA508E670, 13AA660F670, 13AB11CH710, 13AB51CJ630,
13AB604G671, 13AC451D670, 13AC762F729, 13AD514E671, 13AD624G401,
13AD791G670, 13AD794N643, 13AE11CG395, 13AE404E671, 13AE414E643,
13AE51CE630, 13AE51CN630, 13AE51CN654, 13AF698G602, 13AF698G670,
13AG601H729, 13AG618G706, 13AH451F500, 13AH451F670, 13AH452F500,
13AI678G670, 13AI762F670, 13AI794N643, 13AJ609G766, 13AK608G129,
13AL11CG710, 13AL93GS319, 13AM004F671, 13AM475F670, 13AM483E670,
13AM488E670, 13AM498N670, 13AM604F671, 13AM604G671, 13AM662G659,
13AM672G088, 13AM678F670, 13AM693F671, 13AM694F671, 13AM762F765,
13AM91WF333, 13AN601H729, 13AN604F, 13AN604F671, 13AN771G729,
13AN772G, 13AN772G308, 13AN772G370, 13AN772G700, 13AN775G308,
13AN775H790, 13AN779G766, 13AN77GG390, 13AN77KG011, 13AN91WS333,
13AO771G670, 13AO771H055, 13AP11CH630, 13AP418E670, 13AP518N670,
13AP51CJ630, 13AP604G371, 13AP604G671, 13AP604H671, 13AP605H755,
13AP606H790, 13AP608G129, 13AP60TP090, 13AP60TP766, 13AP616H590,
13AP90YG371, 13AP91AP330, 13AP91AS330, 13AP91CS395, 13AP93AS330,
13APA1KS333, 13APA1KS395, 13AQ672G607, 13AQ688G670, 13AR604H671,
13AS678G670, 13AT514N643, 13AT604G671, 13AT604G672, 13AT604G755,
13AT765N678, 13AT93GS319, 13AU604G671, 13AU604H671, 13AV11CF395,
13AV11CF695, 13AV51CE654, 13AV604G371, 13AV604G671, 13AV604G71,
13AV90YF371, 13AV90YG371, 13AV93WF333, 13AV93WS333, 13AX11CG330,
13AX11CG630, 13AX11CG710, 13AX11CH710, 13AX604G671, 13AX605G755,
13AX60TG563, 13AX60TG766, 13AX611G705, 13AX694G401, 13AX91AG330,
13AX91AS330, 13B1662F670, 13BA660F670, 13BD514E671, 13BE514N671,
13BFA1CR602, 13BK608G129, 13BN682G129, 13BN771G729, 13BP514N671,
13BP91AS330, 13BPA1CS330, 13BT514N671, 13BT604H755, 13BW506N696,
13C1514E671, 13CD768N670, 13CI514E671, 13CP798N678, 13DFA1CR603,
13HM71KE678N, 13HN71KN678N, 13IM71KE378, 13IN71KN378, 13IT71KN378,
13RN71KN678, 13RN71KN678N, 13RT71KN678, 13XT514N643, HVT4200,
JE145A, LE145H, LN165H, LN200H, LT175. 

  • Height: 121mm
  • Inside Diameter: 13mm
  • Width: 35mm

Part no. 7340973

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