Honda VersaTool Blower Attachment

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With Honda's incredibly versatile new VersaTool, you'll be able to tackle pretty much every job that needs doing in the garden, with just one tool.

The VersaTool Blower will clear your garden and paths from debris so your yard can stay tidy and well-maintained.

One of the most lightweight attachments available, the VersaTool Blower has excellent power to help you keep your property clear of clutter. It has high air velocity with a two metre-square range, easily keeping garden paths, driveways, lawns and verandas free of leaves and debris so your property will look well-groomed. It's easy to use, and features an ergonomic and compact design for added comfort without compromising on performance.


Paired with the VersaTool 35cc Power Head, the Blower attachment is sure to send comparable products running for the hills. 

It's backed by a 4-Year Domestic Warranty as well as a 12-Month Commercial Warranty as well as VersaTool Power Head's extensive warranty cover.