OleoMac GS650 Chainsaw

OleoMac GS650 Chainsaw

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Professional Petrol Engine Chainsaw

  • Fitted with a variable advance digital coil with rpm limiter, resulting in a smooth-running engine and improved cooling. 

  • Handle/fuel tank separate from the tool body. 

  • Automatic and adjustable aluminium oil pump. 

  • The GS 650 is a powerful heavy-duty professional chain saw developed in conjunction with industry experts and designed for the most severe and lengthy of tasks in difficult environments.
  • The high power, the 18” to 30“ interchangeable bars (stellite and with sprocket tip), make it a versatile machine that is specially suited to felling and cutting up large trees.
  • Equipped with numerous advanced solutions, including Nickel-plated cylinder, new piston geometry, carburettor isolated from the crankcase by a bracket with 4 anti-vibration mounts, digital coil, decompressor, aluminium crankcase, anti-vibration system with springs and rubber stops, automatic and adjustable aluminium oil pump, “INBOARD” clutch, nylon filter, and aluminium chain guard with side chain tensioner.
  • This machine ensures consistently high performance under all operating conditions, Long-term reliability and strength, Ease of use and comfort guaranteed to minimise muscle fatigue after long hours at work and easy access for simplified cleaning and routine maintenance.


Power/Displacement 4.7 HP - 3.5 kW/63.4 cm3
Bar length 46 - 51 - 67 - 71 cm/18” - 20” - 24” - 28”
Oil pump Automatic/adjustable/zero flow rate at idle speed
Oil/Fuel tank capacity  0.45 L/0.80 L 
Dry weight without bar & chain 6.3 kg 


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