Shindaiwa DH2200ST Hedge Trimmer

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Light weight double sided hedge trimmer with 560mm blade suitable for small to medium jobs.

Light weight, sharp and professional trimming. The DH2200st is built to be highly maneuverable and precise. Though it may lack some of the features present on other models, it retains the build quality Shindaiwa is renowned for. With a light weight, 21.1 cm3 engine built in Japan, it's the ideal choice for domestic use and small to medium sized professional jobs.

Features a rotating rear handle for added operator comfort and a barrel valve carburetor for precise fuel metering and rapid acceleration. Engine noise is reduced and exhaust is directed away from the operator. These new hedge cutter would have to be the best out there and they’re super light at only 4.4 Kg!

  • Engine capacity: 21.1 cc
  • Max power: 0.65 Kw
  • Dry weight: 4.4 Kg
  • Blade length: 22″ (560mm)