WORX WR139E Landroid

WORX WR139E Landroid

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Achieve your best lawn effortlessly with the all new Worx Landroid robot mower.

Cut-to-Edge technology ensures no lawn is left undone. WiFi connectivity and multi-zone management.

Model: WR139E
Voltage: 20V max / 2.0Ah Li-Ion
Charger: 1500mA
Recommended Lawn Size: 500 m2
Cutting Width: 180 mm
Cutting Height: 30-60 mm
Max Incline: 20 degrees

1pc battery pack
1pc charger
1pc charging base
9 blades and screws
130m Boundary wire
180 staples
1 hex key
2 measurement gauge
8 nails for securing the charging station

3 Year Warranty